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About Manser Trucking Ltd.

Manser Trucking Ltd. is a small family owned and operated company based out of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.  We currently have 5 units providing temperature sensitive transportation of commodities.  Manser Trucking Ltd. has been providing dependable service to our customers for over 27 years!  

Our Vision.


To provide dependable services to our customers!  


Manser Trucking Ltd. was created out of a desire to treat drivers and customers better.  Owners Garren and Dave Manser were lease operators working for other transportation companies when they decided "it could be done better".  From treating drivers better by having scheduled home time, competitive pay and having people care about them and their families to delivering a service to customers that meets or exceeds their expectations; this is what Manser Trucking Ltd. is all about!  


To sum up our vision, we want to be DEPENDABLE in every aspect of our job and provide you the customer with the dependable service you need to do your job.

Company Profile.


Who are we?


Manser Trucking Ltd. is made up of a small group of people who care about your needs and are DEPENDABLE!


President / Owner- Dave Manser

Director / Owner- Kari Manser

Directors - Garren & Laura Lea Manser

Future Director - Berkley Manser (as Berkley is only 13 years old she just enjoys going with mom and dad to visit Grandpa & Nana at Manser Trucking).



If you are interested in joining our team please go to the contact page of this website and contact us.  We offer great pay, regular home time and benefits to our drivers with the feel of a small family operation! 

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